Reflection on the Course

This freshman seminar was truly a pleasure to be a part of. I originally just signed up for this because I love crime shows and true crime narratives and thought it would be an easy fun course, so when I realized how much reading we had to do I was a little concerned that I made the wrong choice signing up for the class. Although at times I thought we had too much blogging to do, I now realize it was key that we did have to blog because we learned so much by doing so. Having groups run the class week to week was also a brilliant idea because sometimes it is really boring just listening to a professor, but when you have a peer running it, you want to speak up more. I found tracing what true crime is from the beginning with Cotton Mather and public executions to the end with serial killers and gangsters was really fun. I liked the way it was set up too; having Groom there and Paul come in via Skype was really effective. I really feel that having both of them and their input made the class a success. I would recommend for the next time that maybe there be a rubric or something for the videos so that there would have been a clearer picture as to what was expected. It was a blast being in this class and I hope you continue to teach it because it is really a great course led by great professors!!

One thought on “Reflection on the Course

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed it, and especially glad that you recognized what we were trying to do. Reflecting and writing are very effective ways to learn, and I think that the informality of doing it through blogging has the advantage of letting students do it in their own voices.
    But you can give yourself, along with the rest of the group, a lot of the credit for making it a great class. All we did was set the stage. You made it happen.

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